My article “Co-operatives as naturally embedded organisations and the implications for resilience” is now available at the Journal of Co-operative Studies. The article builds upon the Polanyian approach of embeddedness to make the case of coops as being naturally embedded socio-economic institutions and how this embeddedness can help them exhibit high resilience in turbulent times. The article further presents two well-documented case-studies that support the proposed theoretical framework. The first case study is the case of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in Canada, where the coop undertook a process of dis-embeddedness that ultimately led to its demise. A different approach is presented in the second case, the case of Valio in Finland, where the cooperative became re-embedded and successfully adapted to market challenges.

How to cite this article: Lamprinakis, L. (2020). Co-operatives as Naturally Embedded Organisations and Implications for their Resilience. Journal of Co-operative Studies, 53(2), 16-30.

Available on the Journal of Co-operative Studies.


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