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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Research Reports

Lamprinakis, L. (2023), “Individual and organizational identity economics: the case of sustainability”, Development and Learning in Organizations, Vol. 37 No. 1, pp. 8-10. Available online.

Halland, H., Lamprinakis, L., Kvalvik, I., and Bertella, G. (2021). “Learning for sustainability in horticultural production in Arctic Norway” Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, section Climate-Smart Food Systems. Vol. 5, Article 686104. Available online.

Dombu, S. V., Bardalen, A., Strand, E., Henriksen, B., and Lamprinakis, L. (2021). Research Report on “Norwegian food security and supply risk – Report from the working group in NIBIO” (original title: Norsk matsikkerhet og forsyningsrisiko – Rapport fra arbeidsgruppe i NIBIO). NIBIO Rapport, 7(145) 2021. 74 s. (ISBN 978-82-17-02905-2). Available online.

Lamprinakis, L., and G. Bertella (2021, February 1). Review article of the book The Value Orientations of Buddhist and Christian Entrepreneurs: A Comparative Perspective on Spirituality and Business Ethics, by Gábor Kovács. Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 18(1): 71-73. Available online.

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Lamprinakis, L. (2015). Participative organizational change and adaptation: insights from a qualitative case study of successful change. Development and Learning in Organizations, 29(2): 10-13. Available online. The paper is also available here (PDF)Awarded the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence as a Highly Commended Paper.

Lamprinakis, L. (2013). Organizational Response to Institutional Change: EU Membership and the Finnish Dairy Sector. Change Management: An International Journal, 12(1):49-59. Available online. The paper is also available here (PDF) (please contact Common Ground Publishing for permission to reproduce).

Lamprinakis, L. (2013). The Transformation Of Valio: A Case Study. Journal of Business Case Studies, 9(1): 85-88. Available online.

Lamprinakis, L. (2012). Organizational Innovation and Institutional Change: The Case of Valio in Finland. International Journal On Food System Dynamics, 3(2): 95-105. Available online.

Lamprinakis, L. and Fulton, M. (2011). Does acquisition of a cooperative generate profits for the buyer? The Dairyworld case. Agricultural Economics, 42: 89–100. doi: 10.1111/j.1574-0862.2011.00554.x Available online. Also available here (PDF).

Books and book chapters

Matei, Monica; Laslo, Lucian; György, DEÁK; Nicu, Ciobotaru; Boboc, Mădălina; Raischi, Marius; Mușat, Cristina; Lupei, Theodor; Raischi, Simona; Moncea, Andreea; Dumitru, Diana; Badea, Gabriel; Lamprinakis, Lampros; Rodriguez, Divina Gracia P.; Prestvik, Anne; Veidal, Asbjørn; Klimek, Björn. 2017. Best practices guide on mapping and assessing wetland ecosystems and their services. Universitas (ISBN 978-973-741-534-9) 240 p. Available online.

Hegrenes, A., Bryden, J., Lamprinakis, L. and Refsgaard, K. 2016. Norwegian Cooperativism: Social Context and Cooperative Experience. In Temel, B. (Ed.), Cooperatives in Context: Two Countries, Two Outcomes. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN-10: 1536800740. ISBN-13: 978-1536800746. Available on Amazon.

Dissertations and monographs

“Cognitive dissonance, mental frames and the financial value of agricultural co-operatives”
Ph.D. thesis at the University of Saskatchewan (UofS), 2008. Available online.

“The Role of Quality in Industry Concentration: The Case of the Greek Dairy Industry”
Master thesis, Department of Economic and Management Sciences, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh), 2003. Available online at MAICh library.

“The Application of Relationship Marketing in Agri-Food Firms: The Case of Imports”
Dissertation (in Greek) at the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), 2001. Available online.

Work in progress

“Rural Transformation through Targeted Regional Innovation Systems” (under review)

“How to successfully change an organization: management perceptions and practices” (under review)

“Embedded organizations, economic resilience and new modes of production”

“Organizational Innovation and Institutional Change in Cooperatives”

“Cognitive Dissonance and Customer Allegiance in a Mixed Oligopoly”