My paper makes it to the SSRN Top Ten List, for the third time

My paper “How to Successfully Change an Organization: Management Perceptions and Practices” is again on the Top Ten download list of SSRN (Social Science Research Network by Elsevier), for the third time.

The paper made it again to the SSRN Top Ten on the category FoodSciRN: Dairy Foods (Topic), and as of 24 June 2020 has been downloaded 114 times.

The paper deals with the case of the dairy company Valio in Finland and its massive reorganization efforts. The paper is available online on both the journal and the SSRN.

Lamprinakis, L. (2017), How to Successfully Change an Organization: Management Perceptions and Practices. OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, 10(5): 39-48.


Graduate course on cooperative theory and economics

Want to learn the theoretical foundations on cooperation and cooperatives? I will be offering the graduate course “Economics of cooperatives” at the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU). The course follows an industrial organization (I/O) approach, covering advanced micro, vertical markets, market structures, cooperative theory, game theory. The course will take place November 4-7 at the EMU at Tartu, Estonia.

The course is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.