Meeting on genetic biodiversity

We had another meeting today on genetic biodiversity materials, where we discussed the possibilities for increasing biodiversity in Europe and Turkey. This work is part of the WP7 “Exploitation of genetic diversity and development of pre-breeding material” in our BioValue project. WP7 corresponds to 4 interconnected tasks: (7.1) Acquisition, multiplication, and distribution of crops, (7.2) Pilot cases, (7.3) Environmental impact assessment, and (7.4) Vertical approach to proliferate the results.

BioValue is to set-up a holistic perspective, under the multi-actor approach, to analyze the link between biodiversity, the agrofood value chain agents, the environment, consumer food preferences, and health.

The BioValue Project (“Fork-to-farm agent-based simulation tool augmenting BIOdiversity in the agri-food VALUE chain”) is a H2020 project financed under the call: H2020-SFS-2018-2020 (Sustainable Food Security) by the European Commission . The project consortium consists of 17 partners.


Seminar on ethics, gender, and data management dimensions in research projects

It was a pleasure to lead yesterday the seminar on ethics, gender, and data management dimensions for the BioValue Project. The seminar was part of WP1 Task 1.8, that also includes ongoing monitoring activity throughout the project to ensure that gender balance is maintained in i) the research teams involved in the project, and ii) the decision-making processes, including the configuration of the advisory groups. The project is financed under the #H2020 programme of the European Commission.