Seminar on ethics, gender, and data management dimensions in research projects

It was a pleasure to lead yesterday the seminar on ethics, gender, and data management dimensions for the BioValue Project. The seminar was part of WP1 Task 1.8, that also includes ongoing monitoring activity throughout the project to ensure that gender balance is maintained in i) the research teams involved in the project, and ii) the decision-making processes, including the configuration of the advisory groups. The project is financed under the #H2020 programme of the European Commission.

New paper published on coops and embeddedness

My article “Co-operatives as naturally embedded organisations and the implications for resilience” is now available at the Journal of Co-operative Studies. The article builds upon the Polanyian approach of embeddedness to make the case of coops as being naturally embedded socio-economic institutions and how this embeddedness can help them exhibit high resilience in turbulent times. The article further presents two well-documented case-studies that support the proposed theoretical framework. The first case study is the case of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in Canada, where the coop undertook a process of dis-embeddedness that ultimately led to its demise. A different approach is presented in the second case, the case of Valio in Finland, where the cooperative became re-embedded and successfully adapted to market challenges.

How to cite this article: Lamprinakis, L. (2020). Co-operatives as Naturally Embedded Organisations and Implications for their Resilience. Journal of Co-operative Studies, 53(2), 16-30.

Available on the Journal of Co-operative Studies.

BioValue kickoff

Kickoff meeting of our BioValue Project in Thessaloniki, Greece (14th – 15th October 2021). Together with good friends (left to right): Dr. George Angelakis (MAICh), Prof. Murat Yercan (University of EGE), Prof. Mattas Konstantinos (AUTH), Dr. George Baourakis (MAICh), Dr. Lamprinakis Lampros (NIBIO).

BIOVALUE i media igjen

Professor Konstantinos Mattas fra Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) er prosjektleder i BioValue Project og her presenterer prosjektet etter oppstartmøtet forrige uke i Thessaloniki. Intervjuet er på gresk, men regner at Google skal tilby automatisk oversettelse i de neste timene.

Our report on “Food Security in Norway” finds its way in the newspaper Dagbladet

Rapporten vår om matsikkerhet danner grunnlag i lederartikkel i Dagbladet i dag!
Our recent report on Food Security in Norway is mentioned in the Leader section at the newspaper Dagbladet today!

Dombu, S. V., Bardalen, A., Strand, E., Henriksen, B., and Lamprinakis, L. (2021). Research Report on “Norwegian food security and supply risk – Report from the working group in NIBIO” (original title: Norsk matsikkerhet og forsyningsrisiko – Rapport fra arbeidsgruppe i NIBIO). NIBIO Rapport, 7(145) 2021. 74 s. (ISBN 978-82-17-02905-2). Available online: