Want to learn the theoretical foundations on cooperation and cooperatives? I will be offering the graduate course “Economics of cooperatives” at the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU). The course follows an industrial organization (I/O) approach, covering advanced micro, vertical markets, market structures, cooperative theory, game theory. The course will take place November 4-7 at the EMU at Tartu, Estonia.

The course is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

One thought on “Graduate course on cooperative theory and economics

  1. Fantastic stuff here, a long research is going on whether the cooperative economics is an alternative course of sustainable development, climate, inclusion, human and humanity centred approach rather than focusing only on economic man, cruel profit and ill competition between fish and whales 🐋 in the same pond of so called free market where hand full IT Gains have extremely monopolised the market. Can cooperatives be a true path of desirable New Economy?

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